Stand firm against the wind


Something is in you

A smile,follows a mile,

The eyes,attracts me with a style

A glance rolls over my eyes,

Which reminds me our ties.

Wrong and right,part of life

We accept,to fulfill our night,

It was tough, for mine

Am happy,i got an experience of a great devine.

Your words were light,in my life,

Till i got that, you became my sleepless night.

You are right , that time

I creates a void,in our life.

No wishes,are there in my life

Except to get forgive, from my devine.

Life was hard without your goodnight

Coincidentally you became a life lesson which i took with great pride.

Thank you


message for readers


Human can conquered that point where imagination can reach.

life lessons


Hlw readers i am taking a break from this as my exams are coming.

I will be back to this again and share my journey.

Thank you so much that you supported me.

Keep writing,keep reading

Love you so much

Thank you