“PROCASTINATION” is a dirty drug of our brain in my opinion.Ciggrate,Heroin,smack,wine, whisky,Rum etc suppress our central nervous system and broca’s centre but procastination suppress our brain, our goal.

it’s a addiction in simple words.It gives pleasure to our brain at that instant. It gives a feeling of euphoria.

When we procastinate then we are unable to distinguish in between our reality and virtuality. We tends to live in virtual world at that instant. It takes our lot of time. It is very dangerous than smoking or drinking.

Don’t think procastination doesn’t cause any disease. It cause serious mental illness.It reduces our self confidence,self belief,we also feel anxiety,nervousness etc.

For smoking addiction or drinking addiction there is rehabilitation centre but till now there is no institutions that can help you to reduce your procastination. It’s upto you only as your brain listen to yourself only.

In simple words procastination is a addiction which must be remove from our lives. Everybody procastinate but you should have the ability to control your brain. In this situation nobody can help you except you.

I believe, self belief is key to success for everything.

Thank you



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