To the most precious organism of this beautiful Earth.
Welcome to my universe of words.

My name is Pramesh kumar Ray fortunate enough to live in the earth with the most creative creature of the almighty. I also fortunate enought that i discovered my love towards words at my early age and it helps me to secrete my dopamine. I love to play with my emotions as well as words and this website is the pure reflection of that. I love to do research on myself so that i can discover myself more and try to go deeper inside me.

i have a motto for me “dig yourself ” , it says “The more you dig yourself,the more you know yourself”

This website is the new initiative taken by me for myself, to grow as well as to help others those who are willing to put efforts in the discovery of themselves.

Few more…..

I discovered my writing skills when i was in my grade IX. Thanks to two of my friends for being my teacher,editor as well as my motivator. They always supports me when i need them the most.

At that time I didn’t have any plan of making a website and i just write poems,articles,stories for me and for the people those who are close to me,for gifting them as their birthday gifts.
Now i feel I should take one step more so i come up with the idea of making a website so that i may be a part of someone’s smile.

I express my gratitute to you Madam/Sir for your valuable time which you have spent for my words.

I will be glad if you share some thoughts 💭 for me.