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Hello readers My name is Pramesh kumar Ray fortunate enough to live in earth with the most unique creatures. I love to do research on myself so that i can discover myself more. Life is all about myself, trying to make good relationships with me 🙂

The city of her

Faded Roads

Faded roads, with my empty cores,

Memories reloads, creating sores

Few miles, with some smiles,

Connecting the dots, as textiles.

staring at, the roadsides

A scene, hit in my mind,

The smile, come up with a line,

Which reminds me, our fight.

Mind plays, your video clips,

Hoping for, that glimpse,

Good, goes besides,

i am passing, where you resides.

The roads seems like never ending core,

Which penetrates me on my memories of sore,

The journey seems easy at that time,

Without you, i am becoming a single straight line.


Nature’s shaking

Going for a ride,like a tide,

Eyes can’t, get the shore with pride,

Was still, in the ocean

Now feel like, i am on ray of devotion,

Felt good, i was,

which makes me Think, i was large,

Thanks, to the nature of almighty,

which wakes me up, by my kitty,

Shock of current, flows by my neurons,

still i continue my swim, like a Stubborn.

Thank you