life lessons


Hlw readers i am taking a break from this as my exams are coming.

I will be back to this again and share my journey.

Thank you so much that you supported me.

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life lessons

Does your graph is increasing straight line?

We always be the judge of others except ourselves.we always keep judging our surroundings but never judge ourselves.We always tends to express ourselves infront of others and it’s the bitter truth of a human being that we never want to accept it.

There are few person in this world who accept themselves.

In my opinion the most hard job in this world is to know ourselves.

The day, when we start judging ourselves then our curve will be increasing straight line.

Someone says “people changes with time”.

Ha ha, In my opinion people never changes in their lifetime.The growth curve of people changes wheather it can be increasing or decreasing or straight line parallel to X-axis.

The thought process of every person varies so how can we are able to judge anybody.Every human being is a unique piece in this earth.

We faced a lot of problems in our life,it may be related to our mental, social, emotional, physical, educational or etc. we are the most intelligent creature of the god so we must know how to tackle with our problems and solve our problems also.

But we always goes for a temporary solution of the problem,we never solve the problem permanently.

The permanent solution is “know yourself “

There is every solution inside us. We must know our strength,weakness,mental,physical,e-motional status everytime.

CONQUER YOURSELF is the permanent solution of every problem.

Accept yourself first, then everything will become right for you.

Be the lover of yourself,self love is the key to happiness.Dont hesitate to explore yourselve.

The deep you dig yourself,the most you know yourself.

World is beautiful,it depends on the person how he/she observe.

Explore yourself every time, your graph will definitely become increasing straight line at the end.

Thank you


life lessons

Life is a problem

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to the human society.Hope this year will give you the most satisfaction in your life.

Life is a problem.

Yes life is a problem.When we are in our childhood then from that time, the problems in our life starts.

Time passes, we came to teenage stage,problems became more harsh.The frequency of problems increases day by day. You can connect problems with a ball which is thrown towards us by the nature.

Time passes then we were in adolescent age again we saw different types of problems which we never saw in our past.

Then we came to adult stage where our brain became mature that it is capable enought to handle all types of problems. From here the journey of problems is became part of our lives.

Let me tell you,

you might not observed that we have solved the problems which came infront of us from the childhood.

In adult stage manytimes we get frightened because of the problems as it is seem to be physically big but it is actually a small thing for a human being.

Always remember nature throws the problems towards that person who is capable enough solve it.

When we hit that ball of problem and solve that then we felt a great satisfaction which is immeasurable.

Problems upgrade us to a better version of us like a mobile phone.

When a notification flash on our mobile screen for the Upgradation then we instantly upgrade our phone, like this a problem is like a notification for us which is thrown by the nature for Upgradation of ourselves.

Don’t get frightened,just hit that ball.

Yes also remember that problems will never end in our lives, The day when our breadth stops then problems will also stop.

Thank you


life lessons

Anger inside us

When we are refused, unaccepted, denied by other person then we feel anger.As we are human beings so we couldn’t accept our refusal.

In simple words our brain couldn’t accept it, what other person is trying to say by their refusal. So we got anger.

Do you know anger is an emotion which shows that your’s thought is unique and as it was denied so you got that anger in you.

Anger is always bad for ourselves.when we got angry then our brain couldn’t function normally.

From my personal experience i couldn’t control over myself when i got anger so i remain quite. Silence is a drug of anger which i feel, because it heals us and takes us to the normal stage of our brain.

Anger may remains for few seconds to few minutes but it creates a big void in our lives that we may not able to fill that void.

We should learn to control of ourselves during every situations.

In my opinion anger is a test where nature tests our conciousness, controlling power and etc.

In one day you couldn’t get control over yourself, it requires a lot of time.

Meditation is the path where we can know ourselves.

Anger management is very much necessary in our healthy human lives to prosper in our future.

Thank you