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New hope new life #message-1


I hope you all get what you wish in your life. Learn new experiences,new things,meet new people and do what you like.Dont follow others just Create your own path.

Always be happy ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜

Learn to Know yourself,it will definitely give you pleasure

life lessons

Anger inside us

When we are refused, unaccepted, denied by other person then we feel anger.As we are human beings so we couldn’t accept our refusal.

In simple words our brain couldn’t accept it, what other person is trying to say by their refusal. So we got anger.

Do you know anger is an emotion which shows that your’s thought is unique and as it was denied so you got that anger in you.

Anger is always bad for ourselves.when we got angry then our brain couldn’t function normally.

From my personal experience i couldn’t control over myself when i got anger so i remain quite. Silence is a drug of anger which i feel, because it heals us and takes us to the normal stage of our brain.

Anger may remains for few seconds to few minutes but it creates a big void in our lives that we may not able to fill that void.

We should learn to control of ourselves during every situations.

In my opinion anger is a test where nature tests our conciousness, controlling power and etc.

In one day you couldn’t get control over yourself, it requires a lot of time.

Meditation is the path where we can know ourselves.

Anger management is very much necessary in our healthy human lives to prosper in our future.

Thank you


life lessons

Love your opposition

Few days ago i saw a movie “Mission mangal”. From that i got a conclusion that the opposition plays a great role in our success.

When we are in a situation where we literally giving up then it doesn’t mean that we are not capable enough to follow that path rather i will say our will power towards that goal is limited thats why we are giving up.

When we are opposed to do a thing or anything then we take it as a challenge not a goal. A opposition will hit our ego and which stimulates our will power hence we follow that path easily.

I know ego is not good for a human being but in this case it is good.

In simple words more the opposition,more the chance of success.

It is only depends upon the person who is being opposed,that which way he/she is taking that opposition.

Do you know why a person didn’t loose during this?

Because the person is following that path to achieve the goal and to win. He didn’t want to crash his ego, it’s the main reason. We are human beings and we love ourselves much more than anything so how can we loose.

The situation may be worse but we never change our focus during this period. It melts us and reform us and takes us to a better version of us.

In this period we found lot of discoveries of ourselves. We discovers our potential,we also cross our potential which we had set earlier.

The joy of crossing the potential can’t be explained in words,it only can be felt.

We are the most powerful person without knowing the value of ourselves.we can do what we think so try to discover yourself.

In my opinion a strong opposer should be there in everybody’s life.

Thank you



Tomorrow syndrome

It is the biggest enemy of a human being in this tiny world. We human being always think that we are distracted by external element such as social media, love affairs, family situations,peer pressure, health and etc. There are no limitations for distraction in this busy world.

We always take a U turn from our path in which we are going and give a reason to us that we had some distraction from external source.

We never blame the internal distraction.we think that, we are right in every situation.

Do you know why we can’t do the thing which we thought before?

We have a most critical mental disorder ” TOMORROW SYNDROME ” when we start a work then it begins. It is like a honey trap created by our own brain for ourselves only.when we got trapped by this syndrome then our brain only needs comfort.


If we trapped once then it requires lot of time to get out of it.Generally it hits the teenage and adolescent age group as their brain fluctuates more than adult.

Symptoms of tomorrow syndrome are as follows-

  • At first Brain fluctuates a lot
  • Second Random unwanted thoughts will come, which is irrelevant to you
  • At last your brain will say i will do the work tomorrow

Some tips to prevent this syndrome as follows

  • Keep your brain busy always
  • Make a daily routine and strictly follow that
  • Be honest to yourself
  • Maintain a persistency

Most valuable point is, try to understand requires lot of time but when you completely know yourself then you can fight easily with this type of distractions.

During tomorrow syndrom we got hypnotised so we couldn’t do anything and we are guided to a wrong path by our own brain.

Thank you