The most beautiful and poweful creature in this whole universe is HUMAN BEING, that god ever created. They have the powerful weapon that is “BELIEVE”.There is a but,most of the human being didnt know how it works that’s why they evolve very slowly.

  • Do you know believe has two side like a coin. Yeah that’s the reason why most of the people couldn’t use that.
  • Most of the people have negative mindset in this universe and it is obvious also,it should be, in my opinion.
  • Negativity highjacked our mindset so indirectly we couldn’t use that weapon.
  • At first we must break the chains of the negativity and after that you can feel the power of that weapon.

Let me explain it simply

As we are surrounded by negative human being so we became like them and this tradition follows from the birth. When we try for the first time to come out of that negativity we fail also because we didn’t even know, what is possitivity at the early childhood. When we mature then we try our best to come out but we fail. Most of the time we doubt ourselves that we couldn’t never come out from the shell of negativity.

  • Then we found two path, one path is going towards the possitivity and other one is towards comfort zone.Its upto the human being which path he chooses.
  • Now it is very crucial time if you want then you can otherwise not.
  • I know that the path towards possitivity is very much hard but you have to move towards that path.
  • Do you know in this world the biggest enemy is our negative brain. We must conquer our brain so that we can control ourselves and the key to conquer our brain is self belief.
  • In my opinion when you control yourselves, you can control the whole universe.

Thank you