Brain Love

Secret of Hustling

When we talk about HUSTLING then at first our brain directly refuse it. Our brain is so much notorious that he even don’t want to listen to ourselves also. In simple words our brain just refuses Hustling as like a girl refusing a proposal of a boy.

In my opinion when we have little control of our brain then he may be listen to ourselves. I also believe that controlling our brain is very tough in this modern era.Our brain always fluctuates from the path which we choosen earlier.It is the nature of brain and he will follow his nature.

In my opinion hustling is a large, tall wall in front of us which we create for ourselves only. When we are thinking about hustling then our brain simply denies it and it is obvious that our brain fluctuates from the path of hustling.

There is a secret to avoid fluctuation of our brain. Most of the people know the procedure but most of the time they couldn’t apply it during their hustling period.

Let me explain it simply

When we are setting a goal for betterment of our future then hustling starts. It was the begining of hustling. As we know, we couldn’t control our brain so easily so we have to follow different path.

I believe in love from my childhood. We also experienced it from our childhood.Love has a special power which connects everything in this universe.The force of attraction in love is greater than the coulombic force of attraction.we must agree that love can change impossible to possible.

Let me explain the secret to fool your brain

If you can create a love affair in between your brain and the path which goes towards your goal then your 70% job is done but here is a risk.The love affair should be create in between our brain and the path not with the goal. If your brain loves your goal then it will create another problem which is known as PROCASTINATION and it will definitely make your journey tough.

Now new problems will definitely hit you like sometimes your brain will not follow the path and just want to go to the comfort zone then your willpower will take charge to keep your brain on that same path. Our will power is the treasury of our potential.

Follow your path till the time you get your goal.

Am sure you will succeed to achieve your goal. As i believe Human brain have potential to do everything in this universe.

Thank you